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Slovenia is among the most favorable countries for having your baby. There are parents’ schools and courses for moms organized by the maternity hospitals in Slovenia and its free for Slovenia citizens so apply for Slovenian citizenship today

Giving Birth in Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the most advantageous countries to give birth to a child. There are many courses organized for mothers from the maternity hospitals in Slovenia. Through these courses, you can obtain useful information on pregnancy and childbirth. Childbirth and pregnancy in Slovenia are covered in full by the mother’s medical insurance.
According to Slovenian law, physicians are responsible for arranging childbirth. Following a diagnostic test, a doctor is given the responsibility to take care of a future mother. After positive Ultrasound exam results, the delivery of the child is tended to by a nurse followed by the head doctor and pediatrician.

Choosing a hospital for maternity in Slovenia

There are 14 maternity hospitals to choose from in Slovenia. Although natural delivery is among the most common, you can choose different ways upon which you would like to deliver your baby.

Ljubljana hospital is one of the largest maternity hospitals in Slovenia. It is also one of the two hospitals in the country that perform medical diagnostic tests such as amniocentesis, CVS, and occipital scanning which identify chromosomal defects.

Advantages of giving birth in Slovenia

Pre/post natal training courses

Various programs offered for future parents will prepare you for parenthood. After giving birth, lactation consultants will assist with breastfeeding.

Attentive post-birth supervision

Close supervision of both the child and mother’s health allows doctors to be in control and reduce the potential for mishap.

Comfortable accommodations

At maternity hospitals in Slovenia, you can tour the clinc prior to giving birth. Post-birth, you will be given a separate room with a sofa for vistors. We will also provide three meals, a bathroom, TV and internet access.

Certified staff

All doctors and nurses are required to obtain specialized licenses and certificates. A high level of attentiveness and special care is provided to both parents and newborns.

Slovenian Citizen State Support

Maternity leave

Duration – 105 days

A pregnant woman can start their maternity leave 28 days prior to the appointed date to give birth. For this period, she receives an allowance.

Paternity leave

Duration – 90 days

The first 15 days of paternity leave should be implemented by the end of the child’s sixth month; the remainder can be expended as a full leave until the child becomes three years of age. The allowance tendered during the first 15 days of the child’s birth is equivalent to the full average salary of the father. Although the father does not get such benefits for the remaining 75 days, his social security contributions in the amount of said minimum wage is paid for.

Child-care allowance

Duration – 260 days

One of the parents is allowed to leave to tend to their child and extend the period of their pregnancy decree for 260 days immediately after the term expires. The amount of compensation that is provided is contingent upon the salary earned during the previous 12 months. However, the allowance should not exceed more than 2.5 times the average gross wage.

Child Allowance

Duration – 360 days

This allowance is to facilitate a healthy upbringing and proper education. Payment amounts depend upon the average monthly income per person in each household, of the preceding calendar year. To receive these benefits, an application must be sent to the Social Welfare Office.

Additional family allowance

Duration – set individually

This allowance is applicable for childbirth, large families, or for loss in income.



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